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Brow Threading Course and Certification

Consider enhancing your skillset by enrolling in our Brow Threading Course and Certification to become one of the best aestheticians, offering this quick yet very precise method of brow shaping.

Brow threading, an ancient hair removal technique that originated in India and Central Asia, is now a highly sought-after skill in the beauty industry. Today, it has gained much popularity in the Western world and is often preferred by clients over other methods such as waxing and tweezing due to its precise and less aggravating nature for sensitive or acne-prone skin. Clients who fear the sensation of wax being stripped away from the skin may find threading more comfortable and gentler.

Brow Threading Course begins with Brow Mapping
Brow Threading Course
Brow Threading for Men

Adding the Brow Threading Course to your artist portfolio is a smart move, as it equips you with the precision and expertise needed to meet the growing demand for this highly effective and sought-after eyebrow shaping technique.

Threading brows in Eastern cultures is considered a true art that has been passed down for centuries and has historically been documented in pre-wedding rituals. It allows for removal of single hair strands which guarantees better control over shaping and is often perceived less painful by the client. Hair is removed by the follicle with no stray hair left on the skin, which allows results to last 4 to 5 weeks with no touch-ups required in-between.

Our brow threading course teaches the best and most accurate threading techniques. Prerequisite for aestheticians wanting to take this course is a certification in brow waxing. Students will learn hair growth patterns and hair structure as well as proper application and positioning of hands and body during the threading procedure. It not only includes brow threading but also threading of the lip and cheek area.

What do we require from you to complete your brow threading course?

You will need to provide your own model for the practical part of your course to come in on the day of your course day. They will need to be present for approx. 2.0 hrs.

What is included in your brow threading course?


One unique aspect of Brow Threading is that it’s a versatile option suitable for both men and women, providing precise and tailored eyebrow grooming solutions that cater to the specific preferences and needs of individuals of all genders.

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Lashes and Lashing FAQs

Brow Threading is an ancient hair removal technique that uses a twisted cotton thread to gently and precisely remove unwanted hair from the eyebrow area.

Brow Threading is generally less painful than other hair removal methods like waxing. Most people describe it as a slight discomfort but not overly painful.

The results of Brow Threading typically last anywhere from two to six weeks, depending on individual hair growth rates. It’s known for its longer-lasting results compared to methods like waxing or tweezing.

Yes, Brow Threading is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin. It’s a gentle method that doesn’t involve chemicals or hot wax.

Absolutely! Brow Threading is a versatile technique that can be used for both men and women to achieve well-defined and groomed eyebrows, making it a popular choice for individuals of all genders.

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