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Microblading Eyebrow Course with Certification

In the world of semi-permanent makeup, microblading eyebrows is the hottest trend and the service every beauty expert should be offering. Cosmetic procedures are currently a 13-billion-dollar industry in America, 42 percent of which are non-surgical procedures, that have seen a steep 44 percent increase over the last five years. In short, the income opportunities are enormous, especially for those who have mastered the art of microblading techniques. During your LBD Academy microblading course, get trained by the very best microblading artists in the industry. Learn the latest eyebrow tattoo techniques and perfect microblading stroke patterns as used on models and celebrities, worldwide.

Microblading Eyebrow Course and Certification

At LBD Academy we pride ourselves on having trained some of the best microblading artists in the country who went on to build successful careers in the beauty industry. Our 3-day microblading course serves as the perfect entry into this delicate craft, teaching newcomers to get familiar and comfortable with microblading techniques. It also offers the opportunity to gain vital hands-on experience as you’ll be working with 3 models under the supervision of one of our experienced trainers, who themselves are pioneers in the industry, committed to constant upskilling and staying ahead of the trends.

LBD Academy microblading training guides you step-by-step from skin anatomy and colour theories to learning the perfect microblading stroke patterns to create the most natural-looking 3D eyebrow hair. You will learn to choose the right blades, how to determine the perfect brow quad ratio for beautifully sculpted brows as well as proper numbing techniques and aftercare.

LBD Academy training in this non-invasive, semi-permanent tattoo application follows the highest standards in the industry. What sets us apart are our small class-sizes of max. 3 students per instructor to maximize one-on-one training and avoid downtime while other students are practicing. Our exclusive confidence guarantee makes us a true partner in your success journey, even after you have completed your course. All our eyebrow tattoo courses include a professional microblading kit that allows you to serve 50+ clients and help you offset your course investment.

What is included in your microblading course?


What is included in your microblading course outline?

“Blanca is beyond an amazing instructor, which is so hard to find these days. Especially when you’re (me) new to this industry. I am changing careers after 11-years, but it was a smooth transition with Blanca. She gave me great advice and tools to help make myself better. I’m thankful I took this course, I will be back.” – Angeli, Student

Yes, I’m looking to provide Microblading service to my clients!

Train with the best

it's as easy as 1-2-3

Bring your own model(s) – if you don’t have models, we can provide them for you at a small additional charge of $50. 

1. Choose a course

If you have any questions, reach out to Kim at 905-493-5900 or training@lashesbydesign.ca

2. Pick a date

Log into our booking app 

3. Leave a deposit

A non-refundable $500 deposit required at the time of registration to hold your spot. HST will be added to all invoices. Be sure to keep your invoice for tax purposes, they can be used as a business write-off.

Train with the best!

Our team of Master Artists are true professionals, wanting you to thrive. Their entire mission is you becoming successful. They will teach you at your pace and answer questions as you have them!

Certification guarantee

Did you know we guarantee all LBD Academy Courses for life? That’s right, upon completion of our course, you can ‘Return to Learn’ on a live model or sit in on a class, at no charge!

“Brows; the only part of a woman that she doesn’t want to be thinner.” – Author Unknown

Microblading FAQs

Anyone with a passion for brows and the beauty industry can take this course. At LBD Academy, our Master Microblading Instructor will teach you all that you need to know about Microblading and give you the confidence to begin your career in brows.

When creating your price list, we recommend researching the prices in your local area as prices may vary. We encourage our students to include the 6 week touch up in the price of the initial procedure. This will ensure that clients return for the touch up which is necessary for the completion of their brows.  

Yes, a professional kit is included with the Microblading Course. This kit provides enough product to complete 50 Microblading services.

When you are ready to replenish your products, you can purchase these items from our sister company Lashes by Design Supply Shop, located at 129 Brock Street South in Whitby.

We always suggest that you compare pricing with your competitors in your local area.

We have found the average range to be $400 to $550 per Microblading Service with reputable companies.  You will be receiving excellent training so be sure not to undersell yourself.

Bring A Friend — Learn Together! If you are interested in taking a course with a friend, be sure to let Kim know at the time of registration and she will apply a 10% discount off the course for both of you!

We have found the average range to be $100 to $150 for a Classic Full Sets with reputable companies. You will be receiving excellent training so be sure not to undersell yourself.

In addition, we encourage you to follow our social media for current promotions.

For those interested in more than one course, let us know and we can build a custom course discount for you based on the courses of interest.

In addition, we encourage you to follow our social media for current promotions.

  • Award winning artist
  • Attention to detail
  • Multi-certified
  • Finest product and convenient retail store
  • Elegant atmosphere and lasting relationships with students and clients
  • Instructors share tricks to ensure students are successful
  • Ongoing support from director of training
  • Confidence guarantee

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  • LBD Academy confidence guarantee
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Everyone starts somewhere. It can be tough to fit an education into an already busy lifestyle, but if you sign up for a course that has a sense of purpose, your time and money invested are more likely to be worth it. Education opens doors.