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Henna Brow, Wax and Shaping Course with Certification

LBD Academy is excited to present our latest course — teaching you the hottest brow technique no one can look past right now: our henna brow course includes training in shaping and waxing and is a perfect add-on to your microblading or permanent makeup course. Every client that comes through your door wants beautiful brows, but not everyone is ready for a semi-permanent or slightly more invasive technique such as microblading or permanent make up. Henna brows are the henna tattoo alternative to the actual tattooing of brows and therefore absolutely non-invasive. They are often also the perfect way to ease your client into a more permanent solution — which is why we decided to offer you these courses in a smart savings bundle.

Henna Brow Course Whitby
Henna Brow Course Whitby
LBD Academy Henna Brow Course

As a stand-alone procedure, henna brows are a beautiful alternative for those clients that do not like the idea of needles on their skin. We have found it crucial for our client’s success that they are able to offer the entire range of brow services at their salons. Trust our experienced trainers in teaching you henna brow mapping, as well as perfect shaping and different (soft & hard) waxing techniques. All our instructors continue to practice these methods on our own boutique clients and are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the latest trends – keeping you ahead of the industry and your competition.

Our Henna brow, wax and shaping course is taught in a small class size of maximul of four students per instructor, allowing you to make the most of your training experience, with one-on-one supervision and very little down- or wait times. After our full-day course and practical training on two models of your choice, you will feel more than ready to venture out on your own to create beautiful henna eyebrows.

What do we require from you to complete your henna brow, wax and shaping course?

You will be required to provide 2 models for the practical portion of your course to come in the afternoon of your course day. Both will receive brow waxing and henna brows.

What is included in your henna brow, wax and shaping course?


Henna Brow Course with Certification

This in-person or virtual (online, live and fully interactive) Henna Brow Academy Certificate course fits perfectly into a lash and brow professional’s skill set. Henna Brows service can work to get your client comfortable with their look before Microblading or Permanent Make up or as a standalone service for a repeat client who is squeamish about their skin being cut. 

What do we require from you to complete your henna brow in-person or virtual course?

You will be required to provide 2 models for the practical portion of your course to come in the afternoon of your course day. Both will receive brow waxing and henna brows.

What is included in your henna brow in-person or virtual course?


“I enjoyed how detailed and patient Blanca was. She took her time explaining the process behind each step. The Henna Brows hands-on training was super helpful as well. This is one course that I would recommend taking in person so that you can fully understand the shaping concept.” – Student

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Train with the best

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Our in-person or online courses always offer the same course content. Both are taught live, whether it’s in person or via live virtually. Bring your own model(s) – if you don’t have models, we can provide them for you at a small additional charge of $50. 

1. Choose a course

Choose between Henna Brow, Waxing and Shaping (in-person); Henna Brow (in-person); or Henna Brow (virtual). If you have any questions, reach out to Kim at 905-493-5900 or training@lashesbydesign.ca

2. Pick a date

Log into our booking app and choose between Henna Brow, Waxing and Shaping (in-person); Henna Brow (in-person); or, Henna Brow (virtual).

3. Leave a deposit

A non-refundable $250 deposit required at the time of registration to hold your spot. HST will be added to all invoices. Be sure to keep your invoice for tax purposes, they can be used as a business write-off.

Train with the best!

Our team of Master Artists are true professionals, wanting you to thrive. Their entire mission is you becoming successful. They will teach you at your pace and answer questions as you have them!

Certification guarantee

Did you know we guarantee all LBD Academy Courses for life? That’s right, upon completion of our course, you can ‘Return to Learn’ on a live model or sit in on a class, at no charge!

“Never underestimate the power of the eyebrow.” – Jack Black

Henna Brows FAQs

Henna is 100% pure and natural and is probably the safest dye you are ever going to find. It has been used for centuries to dye skin and hair.

Applying henna to brows will help make brows look denser and heavier without side affects.

  • Avoid using strong brow make-up removers for at least 24 hours as they may strip the colour.
  • Avoid rubbing or exfoliating the area treated.
  • Avoid heat treatments or facials that involve steaming for at least 24 hours.
  • Do not sunbathe for 24 hours, as this may cause the tint to fade or lighten.
  • Avoid swimming pools for at least 24 hours.
  • Exposure to sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation for long periods can cause the henna stain to fade quicker.

Henna can easily cover greying brows without causing any skin-related side effects.

  • Henna does not last as long on clients with oily skin as it seams to on dry or normal skin.
  • Clients with any signs of infection, eczema, cuts or scabbing in the eyebrow area should avoid Henna.

From old to young, to clients with lots, or little hair, henna brows is a great non-invasive, non-permanent eyebrow colour solution for anyone. The only people we don’t recommend a henna brow service for is anyone with broken skin or skin disorders near the eyebrow, 

Bring A Friend — Learn Together! If you are interested in taking a course with a friend, be sure to let Kim know at the time of registration and she will apply a 10% discount off the course for both of you!

We have found the average range to be $100 to $150 for a Classic Full Sets with reputable companies. You will be receiving excellent training so be sure not to undersell yourself.

In addition, we encourage you to follow our social media for current promotions.

For those interested in more than one course, let us know and we can build a custom course discount for you based on the courses of interest.

In addition, we encourage you to follow our social media for current promotions.

  • Award winning artist
  • Attention to detail
  • Multi-certified
  • Finest product and convenient retail store
  • Elegant atmosphere and lasting relationships with students and clients
  • Instructors share tricks to ensure students are successful
  • Ongoing support from director of training
  • Confidence guarantee

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Ask Kim about our Henna Brow, Waxing and Shaping / Microblading or
Henna Brow, Waxing and Shaping / Permanent Makeup certification course bundles. Limited space — first come basis.